How to prevent foggy windows

Preventing Foggy Windows

Expert Tip: Preventing Condensation Inside Your Windows

As window experts with nearly twenty-five years of experience, customers often ask us what they can do about interior condensation.

Condensation is a common winter problem in cold climates like ours because cold air holds less humidity. Excess water vapor in your home from humidifiers, showers and cooking steam may end up as condensation on your windows.

This problem is more than aesthetic. Condensation can be damaging. As the water vapor drips into your window frame it can damage paint and warp wooden window sills. If condensation is fogging up your view here are some easy fixes:

  1. Crack a window to start the defogging process.
  2. Turn down humidifiers as the temperature drops.
  3. Use vent fans in bathrooms and kitchens.
  4. Check or add weather stripping.
  5. Relocate houseplants.
  6. Consider a dehumidifier.

Finally, if fog, hazing and moisture ever appears in between the panes of a window, this could be an indication the window seal has failed and the window has reached the end of its useful (insulating) life. If that’s the case give us a call 773-385-8357. We’ll be happy to come out and give you an estimate.

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