The Roof Over Your Head

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Most of us don’t think much about our roof until we have to. Like when we feel raindrops inside the house. But you don’t need to wait until water’s coming in to give your roof the attention it deserves. Thinking maybe it’s time to reroof? Here are the types of roofing materials we most often recommend.


When you imagine a pitched roof you probably picture classic asphalt shingles. This tried and true favorite is popular for its affordability, durability and versatility. But workhorse asphalt doesn’t have to be boring. Nowadays there are many different shades and varieties of asphalt shingles. We typically recommend an architectural shingle, these staggered shingles look beautiful and are long lasting. EXPECTED LIFE SPAN: 30+ years if properly maintained.


Metal roofing tiles look incredible. Often they can mimic the look of clay titles, and they stand up to harsh weather. They are gaining popularity especially in the northwest part of the city and suburbs. Light weight, wind, fire and stain resistant, metal roofs are a no maintenance dream. Our metal roofs contain up to 95% recycled substance materials and are 100% recyclable. EXPECTED LIFE SPAN: 50 years.


If you have a FLAT ROOF and have been looking for a long term solution to eliminate leaks, we have had great success with a product called GACO, and elastometric coating. It’s a virtually weightless product applied in liquid form and it can save you from having to replace the entire roof. EXPECTED LIFE SPAN: Comes with a 50-year warranty.


Rooftop decks are great, we’ve built a many over the years. But before you add or replace one the roof underneath must be leak-proofed. The last thing you want is to have to tear up a beautiful new deck because the roof underneath it wasn’t properly waterproofed. Our team works with GACO to ensure the integrity of the material is protected during construction so you get the peace of mind of their 50-year warranty.


For truly devoted DIY folks check out this detailed article detailing eleven steps to doing your own roof inspection. For best results inspect twice a year. And be careful up there!