tuckpointing and masonry

Tuckpointing / Masonry / Brickwork

The art of tuckpointing dates back to 17th century England but the term is used today for all kinds of brick work.  If you're interested in the fine distinctions between jointing, pointing and repointing, check out this article at Masonry Magazine.  Our tuckpointers and masons specialize in all types of brick, stone and other exteriors.  The restoration process varies depending on how old your building is, but we will focus on stabilization first and then aesthetics.  Call us when you notice even the first signs of deterioration.  A small investment in early repair and a proper maintenance program will prevent a costly structural overhaul of your building.  

A few other things we can do for you:

  • Chimney repair
  • Stone or brick pathways and patios
  • Repair parapet wals
  • Flashing remediation